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MVP Kids have a unique approach to their books. They have created 16 individual children who represent a wide range of ethnic and cultural diversity and are the stars of our products. An important goal of establishing the sixteen MVP Kids® throughout their product lines is to create familiarity and friendship for readers, a basis of trust to address serious life issues and challenges in products for maturing children. The books follow the MVP Kids® as they grow from toddlers to adolescents.

Their board books for toddlers focus on social, emotional, educational and physical needs. Helpful Teaching Tips are included in each book to equip parents to guide their children deeper into subject of the book.

Click here to see a profile of the 16 MVP Kids.

In their Celebrate!™ series, they include teaching tips based on the content of the book. Three sections (informing minds, moving hearts and directing hands) are designed to help parents or guardians interactively mentor their child.

The hardcover Help Me Understand series for elementary readers shares the stories of the MVP Kids® learning to understand a specific emotion. Readers will gain tools to take responsibility for their own emotions and develop healthy relationships. The Help Me Understand™ books include a discussion guide giving further insight on the emotion and reflection questions related to the book's content. The page is designed for parents and children to interact together or for the child to use individually.

Each hardcover book in the Help Me Become series for early elementary readers tells three short stories of the MVP Kids® inspiring character growth. The stories each conclude with a discussion guide to help the child process the story and apply the concepts.

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