The Harry and Honey Moon Book Series

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Meet Harry

Harry Moon is a thirteen-year-old magician in eighth grade. Harry is smart, short, and a geek. Surprisingly, destiny has chosen him to be a hero. Against all odds, Harry, with his friends, the Good Mischief Team, must stand up to the evil curse that holds his town captive. In the weird world of Sleepy Hollow, Massachusetts, where every day is Halloween, evil has found a new home. But if Harry has anything to say about it, darkness will not be staying.

Meet Honey

Honey is Harry’s ten-year-old sister. Spunky and spirited, Honey has no trouble speaking her mind, even if it gets her grounded once in a while. Honey has a strong moral compass, especially useful in the strange town of Sleepy Hollow. Her sense of right and wrong along with a close-knit group of friends leads her down many perilous roads. Honey believes in Girl Empowerment and lives by her code: “Be Brave and Sparkle away!”

About the Series

The Harry Moon and Honey Moon book series is a 31-book franchise including 3 books in Spanish written for the 7 to 12-year old reader. This popular Middle-Grade series encourages readers to become heroes in their own communities, accepting the differences of others and cultivating kind behavior. The chapter book design, illustrations and fonts engage every type of reader including those with Dyslexia and other special reading needs. Every book is approximately 200 pages with a story and character background section in the beginning of each book. These fun and engaging books are beautifully illustrated including an embossed, hard outside cover, map of Sleepy Hollow on the inside cover and a colorful poster on the inside of the dust jacket.

Harry and Honey Moon Books

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  • Honey Moon Shiver

    Author Joyce Magin

    $16.99 ISBN: 9781943785803 Binding: Trade Cloth Publisher: Rabbit Publishers Publication Date: 2019-08-07
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