Dam Builders - Images

A dam's magnitude cannot be properly ascertained from the pond side;
only from the downstream side is the magnificence of the structure fully apparent.
- - -

Beavers seldom arouse appreciation when they fell trees on private property.
- - -

Beavers remove bark much in the way we glean corn from a cob
—by holding them perpendicular to their front incisors.
- - -

When cutting through trees, beavers bite with only one side of the mouth,
alternating sides as they work. The upper incisors serve to anchor a beaver's mouth
to the trunk while only one of its long lower incisors attacks the wood.
The tooth visible in this photo is not the one biting into the wood.
- - -

Perhaps the most unusual function of a beaver's tail is its role in communication.
When mildly alarmed, with its head raised a beaver slaps the water's surface.
- - -

Baby beavers usually start venturing outside the lodge  after a month or so.
This kit is only a couple of months old.
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