David Bouchard

A writer, poet, father, former school principal, traveller, musician and one-time candidate for Parliament, David Bouchard has certainly had a full life.            

A Métis, David grew up knowing nothing of his roots. But through the process of writing, David has learned more about his Métis heritage. “Our grandmothers and grandfathers were made to feel less than those around them,” David says of his ancestors. “So that their children might have a chance in Canadian society, they lied or purposefully hid our bloodlines. The irony in this is that it is now incumbent upon us, this new Métis generation, to prove our ancestors liars in order to regain our heritage.” Many of his children’s books centre around aboriginal issues and the journey of discovery.

David believes strongly in the positive power of reading. “I speak to educators, parents and students about the importance of reading,” he says. “I work to inspire educators and parents to share the most valuable gift we can give our youth, the gift of reading.”  His love of reading and writing fills his daily life. He writes wherever he happens to be at the time. It is not uncommon for him to stray from the cozy library of his 100-year-old stone house to go sit in a Tim Horton’s and write, where, he claims, he produces some of his best work. 

About the art of writing itself, David says: “I think of a good novel or a captivating series as a bouquet of roses.  I don’t write bouquets.  I write single flowers.  My hope is that my reader will take a deep breath after reading one of my books, breathe out and with a gentle smile on their face, say, ‘nice.’”

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