Flyers For Profiled Books

Below are recent flyers advertising our books and some of the books we distribute for other publishers.

The flyers are posted primarily for our sales team to download for printing or displaying to buyers, but feel free to look at them.

Atlantic Canada
Bees Flyer
Black History Flyer
Books That Rock
Butterflies Flyer
Canada's Geological Heritage
Canada's Groundwater Resources (1.5 mb)
Celebrate Canadian Icons With Louis Riel
Celebrate Diversity
David Bouchard Flyer
Do You Know? Series (5.2 mb)
Dot To Dot In the Sky flier
F & W Spring Gardening Book Sale
Focus On Animals Series
French Titles and of French Interest
Great Reads for Gardeners (3.5 mb)
Halloween Flyer
Helen Becker Novels
Hooray For Horses (13.1 mb)
Jill McLean
Larger Than Life Biographies
Martin Springett Flyer (4.5 mb)
Nature Babies Flyer
Northern Focus: Selected Books
Novels in Free Verse
Poetry Flyer (6.4 mb)
Rememberance Day
Saving Lives and Changing Hearts
Science for STEM Classes
Tell-Me-More Storybooks
The Land is Our Storybook
Timber Wolf Flyer
Tomson Highway books
Valerie Sherrard Books
Water Flyer
Weather Flyer
What's for Lunch? and What's On My Plate? Flyer (3 mb)
Whose...? Series flyer
Wine Flyer