Life at Fitzhenry & Whiteside

Collaborating for the growth of Canadian publishing

The team at Fitzhenry & Whiteside is dedicated to Canadian literature for every generation. Our team of editors, salespeople, and support staff work out of our facility in Markham, Ontario.

Internships at Fitzhenry & Whiteside

We offer a number of internship opportunities throughout the year at our office in Markham, Ontario. Our internships are full time, for a duration of 12 weeks, with an honorarium paid upon completion.

For general internship inquiries please email or see below for current opportunities.

Editorial Internship September 2015

Marketing Internship September 2015


"In my experience, Fitzhenry & Whiteside is a great place for a first internship because the atmosphere truly fosters learning; even the employees are continuously teaching and learning from each other, and this provides an extremely supportive environment for interns. Working as part of a smaller staff encourages overlap of responsibilities and increased communication, which is ideal when you are eager to gain as much publishing wisdom as humanly possible in a short span of time. My favourite aspect of the internship -aside from the people, who are wonderful- was everyone's willingness to talk and answer questions about their jobs. Their willingness to share stories of their diverse experiences and knowledge gave me insights into the industry I might not have gained elsewhere."
- Katherine, Marketing Intern

"My internship at Fitzhenry & Whiteside was a great experience where I got to learn about both the print and digital production process. I had the opportunity to create ebooks and complete research, which gave me skills in new programs that I had never used before. The people at Fitzhenry & Whiteside made the internship more than just informative, they made it fun."  
- Katelyn, Production Intern

"I came to Fitzhenry & Whiteside having never interned at a publisher before, and my internship quickly helped me build up the skills I need in publishing. The program gave me the structure and support to learn how to perform editorial and publicity tasks in a publishing environment, and the people there welcomed me into a great environment. At Fitzhenry & Whiteside, I was never lost and never bored. The breadth of tasks and support offered made for an amazing internship." 
- Joshua, Editorial Intern