Gabby's Activity Page

 Colouring Pages

Gabby and her friends

Letters littered her whole playroom.     

The bird spied the cat.

The cat glared at the bird.

Gabby and the bird.

How to Draw Gabby 

The Queen's Crown Game

The Queen’s Crown – a game to play alone or with friends.

Help Queen Gabriella find her crown!

Print the game board and play.

  1. Find something like a coin or a button to use as a place marker.
  2. On your turn, flip a coin. If it lands on “heads,” move your marker one space. If it lands on “tails,” move two spaces.
  3. Say the consonant blend out loud and say a word that begins with that sound.
  4. Count the number of turns it took for you to reach the crown.

Gabby's Book Plates

Below are 2 Book Plates and a Gift Plate

Book Plates can be attached to the inside of a book
and you write your name on the plate to say the book belongs to you.

A Gift Plate is attached to a gift or present for someone.
You put the name of the person the gift is for
and the name of the person the gift is from.

The Plates are set up to be printed on a regular
piece of paper with 6 plates on a page.
Print the page and cut out the 6 plates.

Library Plate

Second Library Plate

Gift Plate

Below are the 3 books about me. Be sure to read them all


Hard cover Paperback

Hard Cover books


Gabby Drama Queen

Gabby Wonder Girl

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