Slideshow Tribute

In 2008 Pete Fisher, the journalist who helped to name the Highway of Heroes, created the following slideshow tribute.

Click here to read Pete Fisher’s original article “Let’s Make It Official” from Northumberland Today.

Tribute Song

In 2007 musician Bob Reid, of CFRB1010 in Toronto, wrote a tribute song "Highway of Heroes". Below is Bob playing the song live on Global TV's morning news.

Fallen Soldiers

Follow this link to the Canadian Forces' web site to see a list of soldiers who have given their lives serving Canada and helping the people of Afghanistan.

Wounded Warriors

Not all Canadians returning home from war zones travel the Highway of Heroes. Many come home alive, but they have experienced horrors most people in Canada—the lucky ones anyway—cannot even imagine. The returning soldiers may be injured physically. They may be deeply troubled by what they have seen and heard for a long time after their return to the relative calm and safety of Canada. Those soldiers are no less heroic than the ones who travel the Highway of Heroes. They need support too, and so do their families. That’s why army captain Wayne Johnston set up, a charity that offers that support.

A share of the proceeds from the sale of Highway of Heroes will go to Wounded Warriors, a charity that has offered support to wounded soldiers and their families since 2006. A portion will also go to UNICEF, the organization that has been working to improve quality of life for children around the world since 1946.

About the author of Highway of Heroes

Kathy Stinson
Kathy Stinson

Kathy has worked as a freelance editor for a number of publishers. Projects include fiction for children, young adult and adult audiences, picture books, and non-fiction.

She has also served as Writer-in-Residence for several library systems in southern Ontario and has led writing workshops all across Canada. Kathy is the mother of two grown children, who inspired some of her earliest books.

She also has two grown stepdaughters and five grandchildren. They all know that at birthdays and at Christmas, odds are good their presents will be books.

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