Linda Woolven

Linda Woolven is a master herbalist, certified acupuncturist, solution-focused councellor and one of Canada’s most widely published authors on the topic of natural health. In addition to her research and writing, Linda has a practice in Toronto in which she treats the body and the mind by combining counseling with the science and tradition of Western herbalism, Eastern acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, vitamins, herbs and nutrition.

Linda studied herbalism at Dominion Herbal College, acupuncture at the Toronto Institute of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, psychology at York University and solution-focused counseling at the University of Toronto.

Linda is the author of The Vegetarian Passport Cookbook and of The Smart Woman’s Guide to PMS and Pain-free Periods. She has also co-authored many books with her partner Ted Snider including Sex & Fertility: Natural Solutions, Healthy Herbs: Your Everyday Guide to Medicinal Herbs and Their Use and The Family Naturopathic Encyclopedia.

Linda is also the co-author of the monthly natural health newsletter The Natural Path. She has published over 150 articles on natural health for magazines and newspapers across North America, including The Toronto StarAliveBetter NutritionCanadian LivingChildbirth Instructor,Vitality and more. She has been a regular health columnist for The Toronto Star,The Windsor Star and Canadian Natural Health Retailer. Linda has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows, including Breakfast Television Toronto, The Smith & Hayes Show and many more.

In addition to her natural health books, Linda is also a published poet and short story writer as well as a painter.

Visit Linda's web site The Natural Path.


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