Dominique Duby

Dominique and Cindy Duby are the chefs and owners of the critically-acclaimed DC DUBY Wild Sweets, an exotic chocolate atelier and virtual boutique based out of Vancouver. They bring to their work a unique combination of artistry and science. As world renowned chefs, the Dubys represented Canada in numerous international culinary art competitions, but their true passion lies in the scientific research aimed at expanding the palette of flavours and ingredients available to chefs.

The Dubys are part of a growing number of chefs who see science and psychology as an imperative part of the true modern food experience. They work on a regular basis with food scientists to research, develop, and implement techniques to create new tastes and textures through a methodology based on the application of scientific principles and techniques to better understand and improve small-scale artisan food production.

Dominique and Cindy take their chocolate seriously and spend substantial time conducting research to discover new ways to provide their clientele with the most extraordinary taste experiences. The Dubys’ truly novel products and relentless creativity reflect their distinct culinary approach: Inspired by Nature; Guided by Science; Designed by Technology; and Crafted by Art.

The Dubys cook, create, and cultivate by the motto, “a chef who stops learning is a retired chef.” With their daring volumes of provocative recipes, Wild Sweets: Exotic Dessert and Wine Pairings and Wild Sweets: Chocolate, their multi-sensory chocolate education centre and teaching kitchen, an annual limited-release chocolates collection and much more, this dynamic duo is on the rise... and it doesn’t look like they will be retiring any time soon.

The couple owns DC DUBY Hospitality Services Inc., a Vancouver based international firm offering culinary training and consulting services to hotels and catering companies worldwide, as well as culinary creative and marketing services such as product development, food styling, and photography.

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