Michel Quintin

Michel Quintin is a veterinarian from Waterloo, Quebec. But he wanted to put certain aspects of nature in writing and to make them better known, especially with young readers. Michel wrote his first major book, The Guide to Terrestrial Mammals of Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. The book was beautiful, in color, but very expensive to publish. Michel submitted it to different publishing houses, getting repeated refusals, always with the same reason of the cost of publication. So, he created his own publishing house in 1982. The book was released the following year, followed quickly enough by four others.

Michel Quintin has not abandoned the practice of his original profession, keeping two poles of activity, although publishing has taken precedence over animal care. Éditions Michel Quintin's team has grown to include seven full-fledged members, not counting the numerous casual or regular contributors. Initially, most of the production was aimed at young people, and gradually the house started to publish books for adults, first in documentaries and, more recently, in the field of fiction.

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