Aboriginal People Books

At Fitzhenry & Whiteside we have over 600 books on Aboriginal people published by the Fitzhenry family of publishers or by publisher we distribute.

In order to make it easier to navigate through them and to help you find what you are interested in we have split the list into different groupings.

We have four publisher we distribute who's focus is on particular Aboriginal people, and one who have published many Aboriginal books. Their books have been pulled from the following lists and you can go to their lists of books further down on this page.

The rest of the books have been split into 4 sections.

Children's Fiction Books on Aboriginal People







Children's Non-Fiction Books on Aboriginal People







Adult fiction books on Aboriginal people







Adult non-fiction books on Aboriginal people






Aboriginal Publishers

Inhabit Media

Inhabit Media is an Inuit-owned publishing company who has been working to encourage Inuit and non-Inuit Arctic residents to share their stories and their knowledge, and to record the oral history of our home. One of our aims is to ensure that Arctic voices are heard and that they have the opportunity to contribute to Canadian literature.  






Nunavut Arctic College

Nunavut Arctic College Media is a division of the Language & Culture Program at Nunavut Arctic College. They publish books, learning materials, and media products to enhance understanding of Inuit culture, history, and language.








Pemmican Publications

Pemmican Publications is a book publisher with a mandate to promote Metis authors, illustrators and stories.








The Royal British Columbia Museum

The Royal BC Museum has released hundreds of works on diverse subjects, bringing the human and natural history of the province to life in exciting, innovative and personal ways.









The First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada

The “Caring Society” is a national non-profit organization to required to provide research, policy, professional development and networking to support First Nations child and family service agencies.

They have published two books about Spirit Bear (available in either English or French). Spirit Bear represents the 165,000 First Nations children impacted by the First Nations child welfare case at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, as well as the thousands of other children who have committed to learning about the case and have taken part in peaceful and respectful actions in support of reconciliation and equity.